This is being covered up because it is DEMOCIDE, pure and simple. Not hard to understand, your gubment wants you dead, period.

This was planned for a very long time and dont believe for a second they don’t have their asses covered.

Your best recourse is to steer clear of the medical mafia establishments and never ever take any kind of injection ever again.

For those who fell for the Genocide jabs, do what you can to try and rebuild your immune system, and pray. You were used as a guinea pig and at best are not going to be around long. And for this it makes me sick and breaks my heart that so little value is place on human life today.

God have mercy on us all!

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"Because more than 95 percent of the adult population of Australia has been injected with the product"

I don't believe that figure, and I think those in control purposely over-estimate that figure to (a) shame more people into getting jabbed and (b) to make the injury rate seem lower than it really is by "stealing" some of the unjabbed's health. Prof Fenton covers this well.

In any case, great job, and keep up the stellar work keeping these bastards honest.

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After all they have done over the last three and a half years, there is no doubt in my mind they are stalling while trying to manipulate the data beyond recognition. Excellent work trying to keep them accountable; I know how frustrating and exhausting it can be when they constantly try to stonewall or misdirect.

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Stellar job documenting your efforts at getting answers.

They may as well release the data - no one will ever get punished for this through the legal system, not sure what they're so scared of. Surely they can't be...scared of us?

(They are).

Edit: cross-posted.

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Australia's WEF sister country Canada is no different..... over 150 drs have died suddenly, along with pilots and many other people murdered...... Trudeau bought us all 10 doses each.....


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"That mistaken attribution is what is happening in Australia..."

No "mistakes" being made at any level in this charade. It is all intentional, a direct result of being conned, compliant or coerced.

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Australia needs to reestablish government and authorities that are pro-citizen.

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Let’s see, Pfizer in their 5.3.6 Cumulative post marketing study presented a 2.7% fatality rate. THIS WAS ONLY THE FIRST NINETY DAYS AFTER RELEASE. They chose not to halt the product and pressed for approval and secured approval for YOUR CHILDREN to get the shots.

Let’s see, 2.7% of 126,000,000 is ~3,400,000. That’s a data point from Pfizer.

By the way, that does not include miscarriages or stillborn births.

That does not include Moderna.

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My mother is an invisible death. She had multiple falls after her 2nd injection, was admitted to hospital 3 days later, died about 3 weeks later. I asked my sister (medical power of attorney) to do the FOIs so I could make a submission to the TGA database. She was and remains reluctant. Prefers to believe, as my other siblings prefer, that she died because she was 'old' and her body was 'worn out'. My mother still lived in her own home and got around to events in Ubers. She was keen for life. I could make a submission to the TGA but with inadequate medical evidence I know it would be dismissed in any case. At the time of my mothers death there were four other deaths with an accompanying event of 'fall/s' in the TGA database.

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It amazes me how they love to use the “correlation doesn’t equal causation” line when it come to these excess deaths. But when poor business owners had their livelihoods destroyed because one person who was cv positive had “checked in” there (back in those days) if these owners begged that “correlation doesn’t equal causation”, that that positive case could have potentially caught it from anywhere, they were ridiculed, shamed made to feel like their livelihood was infected and doors shuttered. The blatant hypocrisy of the powers that be is utterly astounding.

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Australia ceased providing its weekly excess death data to oecd.stat in 2023. Australia does not provide data of doses per 100 people (OurWorldInData). Canada ceased in week 45 of 2022. New Zealand and Australia %rates have tracked each other in perfect concordance since 2020. Currently the weekly mean for NZ 2023 is 19.1% above the 2015 - 19 mean. Assume same for Australia.

Current population Australia: 26,349,898. Assume 21,000,000 were jabbed (80%).

70% world popln. received a shot. (5.6B) Est. 20M dead (0.357%): 36:10,000 died globally.

~ 75,000 died (thus far) in Australia.

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The TGA firmly believes that "without a body, their is no murder"

In this case, the body being actual recorded evidence.

Their actions are a bit like the BOM and their malfeanse regarding temperature spikes and evidence of BOM massaging of temperature data fit a narrative of climate Armageddon.

The organisation is totally corrupted, and this why they fight like a cornered rat whenever FOI or similar act of transparency is called for. They know what they did is wrong, and do not want to be caught red handed, but so so many at these organisations are all in on it in some way, that they all must act the same way, becasue there are a lot of skeletons there.

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Apologies, but mRNA is not needed to explain what's happening:


Ana Maria Mihalcea writes more about hydrogels:


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Related petition that needs more attention.

Sign Petition EN5048 - Australia rejects amendments to the 75th WHA/WHO International Health Regulations.


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There definitely has been and is a conspiracy surrounding this, only the extent and intent remains a question, nevertheless innocent trusting people have been sacrificed and enormous profits and power gained.

If you watched Dr David Martin at the European Parliament this goes back to 1965 referenced, 1990 and 2003 also being auspicious dates of note. The $10 billion to fund this Gain of Function is also traced.

My frustration is that I live in a society where people don’t know and really don’t want to know. These people will vote for the same government again and again to keep them safe in their inane little bubble.

But Alison thank you for your exemplary work and service towards a decent humanity! ❤️‍🔥

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